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Your creative project needs funding; our brand partners will pay for promotional exposure — Win-Win! And we’ll never ask you to compromise. You set the parameters of your deal and we’ll only match you with brands that can meet your needs. Better matches, make better partners, and more funding for you!


Our content creators range from big name L.A. producers with several projects on their slate, to independent New Media auteurs in Palo Alto, to journeyman TV directors in India. Whether you’re seeking funding for a big budget tent-pole film or an independent video game, Brandwood Global’s revolutionary software gives you the global funding advantage.

Affordable Deal Making Options

It is free to join, set up your profile, match and see the value of your potential deals in Brandwood Global. When you agree to move forward with deal negotiations, simply subscribe to an affordable support plan. Brandwood Global earns a modest commission on each deal, deducted from the final price you negotiate with the brand.

Project Management

In one simple click, you can create a project profile or a slate of projects for brand integration that can be managed on your dashboard. Invite team members, share priorities, and get real-time updates on brands looking to make promotional deals.

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The premier media project

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Brand Opportunities

After setting up your project, it's time to create your brand opportunities to be matched to brands. Need to get something critical to your project, but feel it is worth money to a brand? Take the guesswork out of brand deals with our "Brand Opportunity Valuation Tool" that calculates your opportunity as you create it. This process ensures you get to the right brand, at the right price.

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