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Our disruptive branded entertainment deal management software has a simple objective: to level the playing field for brands and content creators worldwide to help them tell their stories together to create breakthrough opportunities.

After 80 years of combined experience in the industry handling the legal and marketing elements of branded entertainment deals the hard way, our team is determined to leverage cloud-based technology to change the game of branded entertainment forever.

While big productions and A-List celebrities have always worked with big budget brands through layers of agencies, agents, managers, lawyers, and studios, the process is broken. In the rare event that deals don’t fall apart during endless redlining marathons, contracts are made with minimal input from producers and celebrities, often followed by unfair and unsatisfying results.

With an understanding of the flaws in the current system, our founders developed a software to facilitate brand integration deals in an approachable, analytical and globally accessible format. We extend the power of a “super-agent in the cloud” to brands, creatives and celebrities at every stage of development to find each well-matched deal partners, negotiate, manage and measure deal results.

Brands can take advantage of exposure opportunities in film, digital content, video games, celebrity endorsement at their fingertips.

Brandwood Global’s unique matching algorithm connects brands looking for product placements, brand integrations, celebrity endorsement and talent for custom branded content with producers and talent seeking partnerships for mutual financial gain.

Never before have brands, content creators or celebrities had the convenience, access and precision to manage their branded entertainment opportunities.

Our deals cross borders, language barriers, and currency conversions to help brands break through to new audiences in new markets.

Our patent-pending valuation tool helps determine the market price of every opportunity to help both partners decide if a match meets their specific budgets, objectives, and timeframes.

Because we’ve lived through the pain of making thousands of branded entertainment deals, we have designed our software and support services to streamline deal making –

Negotiating fair terms that avoid issues that typically kill deals

Signing agreements online

Sending alerts about upcoming due dates

Protecting the confidentiality of both parties’ intellectual property

Escrowing brand funds

Offering optional brand gap financing to qualified creatives

Backing each deal with a 100% money back brand fee guaranteed

Brandwood Global creates opportunities customized to the exact needs of start-ups to multi-brand conglomerates, of filmmakers and video game producers from indies to blockbusters, and of breakthrough stars like YouTubers to beloved pop culture classic celebrities around the world. And we want to help you too.

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