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Celebrity Endorsements Overview

Whether you are an actor, athlete, musician, or popular personality your voice has power to reach and influence your audience, and brands are looking to work with you!. With Brandwood Global, you have the controls to extend and manage your endorsement career right on your computer or mobile device. Create a new endorsement opportunity and get matched to brands looking for shout outs, public appearances, custom creative pieces or get hired as a new brand spokesperson. You decide which categories intrigue you, what exposure options you offer, and which geographies and target audiences you will help brands reach.

Why Leave Money on the Table?

Work with popular and emerging brands to leverage your platform, connect with your fans, stay in the public eye, discover amazing products and make additional income in the process.

You Are in Good Company on Brandwood Global

Internationally known actors, musicians, models, comedians, speakers, authors and popular media personalities.
From Superbowl Champions to World Series Rings to Olympic Medalist -
With Emmy’s, Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammy’s -
Our clients are professional, established, influential entertainment and sports figures with great reputations who have built a large, loyal and responsive fan base. Your words, actions and opinions mean something to them, and they are waiting to hear and see more from you.
Brands know that aligning with popular celebrities and athletes can help them break through the noise and clutter, and create a special connection to your fans. They want to find someone who aligns with their goals, but they don’t know where to begin to reach out to someone like you, your manager or agent.
We help you find the perfect brand to endorse based on dozens of important factors and craft a fair deal so that you can form a promotional alliance to your mutual benefit. We handle all the details and send you important reminders to make each deal succeed and deepen relationships with your favorite brands.
You can find, negotiate and manage more endorsements and make more income when you have the tools to make brand marketing deals simple, fair and fast with Brandwood Global.

What Do Brands Ask Celebrities and Athletes to Do?

Some brands are used to working with celebrities, and others are just starting to explore this amazing opportunity. In our combined 80 years of entertainment deals, we’ve seen a wide range of requests including:
Feature the product in your social media posts, especially product reviews, demonstrations and recommendations
Feature you interacting with the product on their website, advertising and social media posts
Wearing the brand’s logo on apparel at events with media exposure
Make a guest appearance, sign autographs or perform at brand-sponsored public events, trade shows, corporate events and parties
Creating once-in-a-lifetime VIP meet and greet experiences for their best clients, employees and executives
Forming a deeper, long term spokesperson arrangement to appear in brand advertising campaigns

The more creative and unique you make your offer, the more excited the brand will be about working with you!


Many of our clients are professional, established sports figures and celebrities who have stood out among the many prominent people in the world. Brands desire to meet you and to form an alliance to help you and them. It’s not rocket science although there are some who would like to make it that way. Simple, fair and fast. That’s our only way to do this business.

Affordable Deal Making Options

It is free to join, set up your profile, match and see the value of your potential deals in Brandwood Global. When you agree to move forward with deal negotiations, simply subscribe to an affordable support plan. Brandwood Global earns a modest commission on each deal, deducted from the final price you negotiate with the brand.

Endorsement Deal Management

Celebrities or their agents/managers can set up their individual profile, and team up to manage endorsements. Simply select the precise industries for sourcing endorsement opportunities, review matches as they arrive, and then manage all the deals, activities, alerts and reports on your Endorsement Dashboard.

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